About C3-Lab

About C3-Lab

Cloud computing and Internet datacenters underpin modern life, hosting compute, storage, machine learning, and infrastructure services that power online applications and services. We propose a unified laboratory aimed at de-carbonizing the hardware and software ecosystem powering these datacenters and online services.

Research Thrusts

Our lab’s research vision aims to enable the dramatic reduction in both the operational and embodied carbon footprint of datacenter systems. We organize these efforts into three complimentary thrusts:

Thrust 1: Design datacenter systems that can adapt to the variability of renewable energy sources.

Thrust 2: Reduce the impact of ICT manufacturing on total datacenter carbon footprint.

Thrust 3: Education. Develop new teachable material on the environmental effect of computing, as well as mitigation techniques at the hardware, software, and systems levels for reducing this effect. Developing new methods to communicate this research to the public is a key effort of C3-Lab.

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